Our Brand Story

The ClaudieRe brand embraces recycling, repurposing, creativity and imagination! Our brand  IS about  “ReImagining  and ReFashioning” Authentic Designer Pieces and NOT about using “knock-off designer-inspired” and/or replicating designer pieces or infringing on a brand’s integrity and trademark. 

We LOVE DECONSTRUCTING (literally!) our favorite designer pieces from their original state (Don’t Worry-we ONLY use well-loved handbags and slightly damaged apparel, and non-sellable items such as shopping and dust bags, boxes and ribbons, buttons, etc…) and then ALTERING  “bits and pieces” (fabric, leather, canvas, dust bags, tags, ribbon and boxes)  into something totally new and unique! 

We fully disclose nor do we suggest  that we have an affiliation or sponsorship with the brand owners. 

When you purchase our pieces, you are paying for the apparel we embellish, the additional supplies and materials we use to create our pieces and the cost of labor…and not the designer pieces we altered.